What does a Personal Trainer look like?……………………


Personal Trainer

He’s Fit, and a Superhuman, right?  :-)

Erm……….not necessarily………..

This is a Personal Trainer

This is me ! :-)

What do the words Personal Trainer mean to me? ……………..

Someone who is:

  • A Role Model – who really believes in the benefits of physical fitness and is able to convey this in order to inspire you to achieve over and above what is possible on your own.
  • A Motivator – to empower you and to help you to envisage what is possible, drive you on, and provide encouragement when the going gets tough.
  • A Teacher – who arms you with the knowledge necessary to achieve your goals in the most safe and effective way.
  • A Supporter – whose only interest is your success, and that you get to be where you want to be.

But we all have access to so much information via health magazines, and ‘how to’ videos on You Tube don’t we, so why would you even need a Personal Trainer?

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