We all know that it’s the month of lurve because of Valentine’s Day – really, I’d like every month to be the month of lurve, why not?  :-)

Some of my earlier articles have talked about the very important “What, Why and How” for making exercise part of your healthy lifestyle and, in the month of lurve, here’s a definite “Why” you should. It may seem to be light hearted, and one that you hadn’t considered, but it’s true nonetheless …….exercise will give your sex life a bit of a boost – there, I’ve said it. But when you think about it, exercise really helps when we set out to lose weight and generally want to feel better, and that’s a bonus in anyone’s love life……it also gives us more overall energy and stamina……what’s not to like? :-)

Here are a few of my ideas about how to be ‘Month of Lurve’ ready :     

  • Build Cardio Endurance – This will make your heart strong and enable you to keep going.
  • Build Muscular Endurance – This doesn’t necessarily mean bulking up – just ensure that you include weighted exercises, such as body weight and kettlebells in your programme plan.
  • Build Overall Strength – Again, this doesn’t mean building bulky muscles; but it certainly means looking forward to feeling stronger and having greater definition.

A final bonus to keeping up with our fitness in the month of lurve is that both sex and exercise have been proven to help reduce stress……. #justsaying



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