How to learn how to love exercise

Learn How to Love Exercise – the rewards will be worth it!

Learning to love exercise sounds easy doesn’t it, and for many it is, but for some, it will be a well intentioned New Year’s resolution that is abandoned by February.

We all know regular exercise is key to boosting both physical and mental health, but sometimes, the idea of doing it feels too much like hard work.

However, reframing your mindset around exercise, shaking up your routine or establishing a new one, can really transform exercise from what feels like a chore to a treat.

Here’s how to discover the joy of working out in 2020:

Shake off any Self-Consciousness

It’s not unusual to feel self-conscious when exercising, particularly in a gym environment. But, if you do decide to take out a membership and are concerned, it’s an idea to avoid the busiest times, wear clothes that you feel good in, and make a playlist to distract you.

Overcoming your first session may well be the hardest part, and your confidence should grow after that. But also take comfort from the fact that most people are too worried about themselves to be looking at you.

Make your Workout into a Competition

Monitor your performance and try to beat your last workout. Any achievement, great or small, will give a clear purpose to the time you’re able to spend exercising, and make you feel better about it.

Ease Yourself into It

Nothing is more demoralising than a workout that leaves you feeling broken, so remember not to push too hard too fast.

As I’ve written in previous articles, start at an intensity which is tolerable and increase it gradually. Given time, your body will adapt, and you won’t notice it getting harder.

You will soon notice that you can dance for longer or run further – nothing is more likely to encourage you and promote enjoyment than the satisfaction of achievement.

Schedule Exercise as ‘Me Time’ and Self Care  

This is really important for everyone, and something I emphasise to all of my clients. For some, it may be the only time they have entirely for themselves during the course of a week, and my sessions ensure that the time they can dedicate to exercise is tailored to their individual needs.

So, here we are at the start of a new year and a new decade. Use this time to find a way to exercise that works for you and learn to love it – the rewards will be worth it!

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