4 Tips for staying fit at Christmas

Christmas is Joyful!

Christmas time should be enjoyed in whatever way we choose. If we’re lucky enough to share it with those we love, whoever they may be, then we should consider ourselves very lucky, but try to keep in mind everything you’ve achieved in 2019. Here are my tips for holding on to your fitness while enjoying everything the festivities have to offer:

Keep Moving

Bodyweight exercises or walking are great if you’re away from home….the key is to keep moving as much as you can. Make it a group event, whoever you’re with, and go out for a walk together. The key is to try to find ways of getting your loved ones involved so that you can enjoy the time you have to spend with them, as well as keeping active.

Stay Hydrated

Fizzy drinks and alcohol are staples at this time of year. Fizzy drinks won’t dehydrate you, but alcohol is a diuretic, so try to keep up your water intake. For example, try to alternate your fizzy and alcoholic drinks with a glass of water.


It may be easier said than done to keep your stress under control at this time of the year, especially if you’re hosting a party, or friends and family are staying over. But managing stress at any time of the year is important, as well as ensuring that you sleep well. There are many ways to manage your stress, and I go back to my first point…keep moving. Try to do something that brings your mind and body together, which helps to maintain both physical and mental well-being – my solution is always to run, but that is not for everyone – find what works best for you.

Enjoy The Festivities

This time of year only comes around once a year, and missing your workout for one or two days, or having a TV and Netflix binge is not going to destroy everything you’ve done to be healthy, fit, and strong this year. Make time to be with the ones you love, whoever they may be, and enjoy every minute!

Christmas time inevitably changes our schedule, but embrace it and enjoy it. Happy Christmas everyone!



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