2018 - New possibilities

There’s lots of time for new possibilities in 2018 !

It’s hard to believe that we are over half way through 2018.

At the weekend I realised that, amid all of my business commitments, I’ve allowed myself to become distracted from some of the promises I had made to myself at the beginning of  the year.

But this year is not over yet for any of us – we still have lots of time to do the things we want, and have the opportunity to change the things that drag us down.

It’s true that sometimes life can pull us ‘off course’ or just throw us out of our routine, but we always have the power to start afresh and make a new choice. Like choosing to not let our ‘busyness’ be an excuse for not doing the things that matter most. So, this morning I signed up for a cooking class which, being of the “can’t cook, won’t cook” mindset all of my life I’d finally committed to trying back in January but then life….the business…..all of the excuses……. blah blah blah got in the way.

It’s really easy to make excuses for why some aspects of our lives aren’t great. But it’s also important to ask ourselves……. at what cost?

If you’re feeling a little, or a lot, stuck and dissatisfied with your health and fitness I’d love to support you by offering a 4-week kick start programme (9 sessions for the price of 8 based on my Silver Training Programme www.tempuspersonaltraining.co.uk) This Special offer is available from now until Monday 6th August.  

I created this 4-week programme to help you to think through and implement your weight loss and fitness goals; the programme will give you a kick start and help you to get back on track and make sustainable changes over the long term.

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