It doesn’t always seem appealing to lace up and go outside when there’s a gale blowing and the rain is pounding against the windows. So does the weather change where, or even, how you exercise?

For some, the gym is their exercising space of choice all year round. Folks like me prefer to exercise outside because a gym can feel limiting, and the variety and challenge of what I can do outside can’t be replicated in a gym.

You can also mix and match inside and outside work, and that’s great as long as the gym membership costs are justified.

So Outside or Inside – Is one better than the other? The answer is, they’re different, but both have merit.

Using running as an example; if the same pace is maintained on a treadmill as outside you won’t have expended the same energy because the terrain is uniform, and there’s no wind resistance – there’s also an element of the belt propelling you forward on a treadmill.

If you’re training for an outdoor event, it makes sense to do most of your training outdoors so that you prepare mentally and physically for the challenges. It also enables you to acclimatise to varied weather conditions, and temperatures. Also, using running as an example again, if you are training for a hilly event, it’s important to bear in mind that a treadmill can’t replicate running downhill – a whole different discipline.

My reasons for outdoor exercising are that I get a much greater sense of achievement; I like feeling the sun on my face even on the coldest and frostiest days; getting soaked to the skin in a rainstorm is no bother, and I also know that I’ve expended more energy, so there’s more bang for my bucks in terms of the time I’ve invested :-)

Whatever your decision about where or how to exercise through the winter months, the important thing is to be consistent. Keep the momentum going, and you can look forward to a fabulously healthy and energised spring :-)           #RunYourselfNew

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