Quick-Fix, I want it now

In our fast paced world, we’re lured by a quick fix at every turn. We all want to see results….. yesterday. It’s true for our working environments, and we have the same requirements in our personal lives too. For example, we want to get fit and lose weight, but we want it to be a fast process with minimal effort.

As a Personal Trainer, I help my clients to get fit, lose weight, gain strength or muscle mass with a phased and tailored exercise programme in conjunction with lifestyle and dietary coaching – it has phenomenal and sustainable results.

But I’ve had worrying conversations with both clients and friends about the adverts we’re bombarded with which purport to have unlocked the secret of ‘easy’ ways to lose weight or gain muscle mass in the form of a tablet or powder. It’s a marketeer’s dream to play on our insecurities, and go straight to our need for guaranteed results – fast. Alternatively some people opt to drastically reduce their food intake, or even cut out whole food groups for a period of time in their quest for results – either of these quick fix options leave me feeling very uneasy.  

It’s like finding the Holy Grail to get results quickly but, in reality, we all know that a quick fix for anything in life isn’t necessarily sustainable, or to be recommended over the long term. More importantly, when we’re talking about quick fixes in relation to our bodies, are any of them actually a healthy choice? Do we care about them being healthy if they’re getting results? – all I can say is that we should care.

My “Getting Stuck In and Sticking to it” article in January also speaks to the view that, for example, a quick fix weight loss solution may well appear to do what it says on the tin, and the number on the scales can go down, but there’s so much more to it than that. http://www.tempuspersonaltraining.co.uk/getting-stuck-in-and-sticking-to-it/

Our aim should always be to lose excess fat but, in the case of drastic food reduction, the body perceives potential famine, and its first priority is to preserve our life support systems and functions, and it needs fat for that. So during prolonged periods of severe calorie deprivation, the body will let go of muscle and leach calcium from bones first.…I could go on detailing the detrimental effects but you can see that it’s not a healthy or sustainable way to live over the long term.

Where tablets are involved as a weight loss aid, I’m also not comfortable unless they’ve been carefully evaluated, are of a high quality and taken in the correct dosage, preferably under the direction of a certified nutritionist or dietician.

For the sake of our physical, and psychological, wellbeing make the choice to change your life for good. Start to reap the significant benefits of incorporating a delicious, healthy and nutritionally balanced diet into your daily life. And, in conjunction with an exercise plan which is tailored to you, enjoy renewed energy and vitality!

Don’t fall for the ‘quick fix’ solution to either weight loss or fitness – a phased and gradual approach is the only way to ensure your health and well-being over long term.  


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