Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is on its way, and we can look forward to the light returning to the sky, and the warmth of summer days following closely behind. It’s one of my favourite times of the year, not only because it signals the end of the long, cold and dark days of winter, but it’s also when there’s a real sense of re-awakening – trees and plants bloom in the most exuberant and beautiful way and, to an extent, we re-awaken and can feel less constrained by bulky clothing or inclement weather and want to get outside.

The transition from winter into spring has also historically been a time for cleaning, and an ‘out with the old, and in with the new’ mind-set, and this doesn’t just have to apply to the house – we can use this time of year to evaluate where we are in our lives, what we’re doing, as well as our levels of happiness and contentment.

It can also be a time to look at our workout wear, and assess if it’s still fit for purpose. More broadly, we can look at the rest of our wardrobe as a way of getting ready for the new season – although I’m always mindful of Gok Wan’s mantra to “shop less, wear more” :-)

It can also be a time for taking a look at our exercise programmes and potentially making modifications. I’ve mentioned in other articles that exercise programmes need to be changed regularly so that the body continues to adapt, and there is progression – it’s also much more satisfying and fun to keep hitting the ‘refresh’ button. As a part of this, you may also look at where, and even how, you exercise.

The turn of the season to spring can also be a time to look at our New Year resolutions and goals. How are you doing? Are you still going strong with them? Do they need modification? Have they gone by the wayside altogether? Whatever your answer to those questions, don’t beat yourself up if your schedule is slipping, or if they need a re-think. Stay positive, seek additional motivation if you need to, and recalibrate if necessary. Alternatively, if you’re still going strong and are on target, don’t forget to factor in some rewards to make the sense of achievement all the sweeter J

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