Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach….what’s in a name?

Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach….what’s in a name?

My qualification states that I’m a Personal Trainer, and it means that I have successfully completed an industry accredited course. That’s very important, and it should be something you look for when choosing a Personal Trainer. But the ability to write exercise programmes based on a detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology is just the starting point – that knowledge alone is not enough.

This is where I start to differentiate between a trainer and a coach. My practice is based on coaching, which is aligns with my philosophy and happily, in my experience, also gets great results.

Here is what coaching means to me:    

  • It helps clients to explore their goals and ambitions, focus on them and achieve them.
  • It helps clients to develop more rapidly and produce more satisfying, long lasting results.
  • Coaching sessions are tailored to the needs of the client.
  • Coaching helps clients to identify and build on their natural strengths.
  • Coaching helps clients to be responsible for doing the work necessary to achieve the desired results.
  • It looks at how all the parts of the client’s life work together – a 360 lifestyle approach.

As a fitness coach, I’m a mentor and use my technical skills and experience every day. And, although I can’t be an expert on the lives of my clients, or the issues they face, by getting to know them, I teach useful skills and techniques that will help to achieve their goals, both in fitness as well as their wider lives.

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