Santa Claus is coming to town

Santa Claus is coming to town

Streets across the land are lit up and, in less than a month, Santa will be coming to town.

I love the displays at this time of the year because, as the days get shorter, they’re a beacon of light and are so joyful and beautiful. But seeing them can remind us of the burden of anticipation and expectation that is unique to the festive season – who’s coming for dinner on Christmas Day, how much food will be needed, what presents to buy and for who, what is the budget…..the list of questions to be answered can seem endless.

Last week was the retail feeding frenzy of ‘Black Friday’, and today, on the first day of winter, the Advent calendar is on the wall to mark the official countdown.

It’s an incredibly busy time of the year that can require super human levels of organisation, patience, and energy. So, make sure that, while you’re taking care of everyone else, you don’t forget about yourself. Keep your focus, make time for yourself, don’t lose your fitness mojo in the melee of everything that needs to be done.

Santa Claus is coming to town in just over 3 weeks, but pace yourself, take it in your stride; carve out some time to continue your exercise – I’m certainly not here to advertise a famous Parisian brand, but they are so right when they say “because you’re worth it”.

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