Friluftsliv – The Joy of the Outdoors

Friluftsliv, now there’s a Scandinavian word to conjure with. It means ‘free air life’, and relates to a philosophy that is deeply rooted in Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish values, where being outside exploring and interacting with nature is a huge part of their everyday lifestyle. I’ve experienced it myself during many visits to Scandinavia, and I love it because being outdoors is certainly one of my favourite places to be.

The Summer is a great opportunity to take your exercise outside given that the days are so much longer and warmer – even hotter as this year is proving to be! So, you can get some friluftsliv while taking your fitness up a notch or two.

Mental health is a topic high on the agenda, and it’s proven that exercise, sunshine, and fresh air is good for the mind, body, and soul. For many, work involves sitting for most of the day in a stuffy office, or in a car, and it’s easy to drift into a sedentary lifestyle.

Whether at work or in the gym, spending a large proportion of our days indoors also means that most of us are susceptible to low levels of mood regulating Vitamin D. So, taking your exercise outdoors will help to replenish low levels from Winter and simultaneously put a smile on your face.

Taking your exercise out of the gym can also help you to change it up; to try new terrains like hills and beaches which can be more challenging, and therefore have a beneficial effect on both your calorie burn and overall fitness.

Scandinavia is known for its rugged scenery, mountains, fjords and lakes, but we have our own beautiful spaces to explore and enjoy. Even if its your garden, or local park take your exercise outside and experience the joy of your own friluftsliv.

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