What does Summer mean to you?

Long Summer days

Summer…..is it the time of year when you start to focus a bit more on what you eat and how much you’re exercising so that you’re feeling good and are also in shape for your holiday? Or because, whether you’re staying at home or going abroad, the weather is warmer and so we’re generally wearing fewer clothes.   

The main Summer holiday season is coming, the kids will be off school, we’ll be sparking up the barbeques, and the temperature will rise (we hope :-) ). But do you feel ready?

It’s great if you get the fitness bug in the summer, and even better if you have a goal which drives you on. But you’ll know by now, that I’m all about sustainability, and consistency; we should make exercise and fitness an all year-round event, and not just one that we frenetically try to adhere to in Summer and then metaphorically pack away in the drawer when the Autumn leaves start to fall?

An analogy; suppose you do very little housework throughout the year, but then, on a particularly bright and sunny day, you notice the accumulation of dust and grime. You may then have to spend a whole day cleaning your house which, let’s face it, is time you will never get back! Whereas if you’d cleaned and tidied a little and often the workload would have been spread, and so you may only have needed to flick a cloth here and there before heading out of the door to enjoy the long summer days.

I know what you’re saying…..hire a cleaner. But where exercise and fitness are concerned, the healthier way to go is maintenance throughout the year, come rain or shine, high days, and holidays. Consistency is always easier than trying to catch up in a hurry because Summer’s coming by doing extreme diets or exercising too hard and too fast.

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