What do we want

What do we want?


It’s important to know what we want in order to put together a road map for how to get it.

In terms of my clients, most people looking for training advice want these 5 things:

·         To look good

·         To feel good

·         To be healthy

·         To be strong

·         To feel at peace with their bodies and themselves


Ideally, we want these things without having to spend our lives working out, and it is possible if we, to coin a phrase, “work smarter rather than harder”.


In our quest for these things, it’s important to filter confusing and conflicting information, and not to blindly follow the loudest voices of sometimes under-qualified so called “celebrity” trainers and the multi-million pound weight-loss industry. I’ve mentioned in other articles that the weight loss industry, in particular, preys on our insecurities and tries to convince us that we aren’t good enough while promising unrealistic results in the form of the latest pill, powder, gadget, or fitness trend.


Some of the information relating to both diet and fitness is not only insulting to intelligence, but it also attacks self-esteem with the underlying goal of selling something.


Here are 3 Key things you should be doing to look good, feel good, be healthy and strong:


  • Choose the right training for your goals: We often gravitate towards cardio activities when we want to get in shape, and there’s nothing wrong with that particularly if it’s what you enjoy. But it’s important to remember the numerous benefits of strength training in your quest for overall health and fitness. Strength training can help to improve your posture, and increase bone density. It will also help to add muscle mass, which is metabolically active (i.e. burns more calories). Another bonus is that feeling stronger is an effective self-confidence booster.
  • Choose a well-designed training programme:A well designed programme is the product of understanding the physiology of the body. It’s carefully balanced, and works all major muscle groups in the body to ensure meaningful and phased progress. By its nature, a well-designed programme does not involve picking random exercises, putting them together and hoping for results.
  • Ensure your training programme includes phased progression:You need to make sure that you’re always challenging yourself so that your body must constantly adapt to keep up with the increasing demands being placed on it. This is how you make progress in strength, performance, and body composition, but it must be at a level and pace which is tailored to you.


In thinking about what you want, make sure that you know exactly what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, what you want to achieve and what the outcome will mean – without these, it’s like getting in your car and driving without knowing where you want to go; frustrating and a complete waste of both your time and money.


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