This isn’t always the easiest time of year; days are getting shorter and during a working week that can mean getting up, as well as going home, in darkness with not much time to enjoy any daylight in between.

Sometimes it’s easier to look outside and think ‘I’ll go for my run, bike ride or walk tomorrow’, and then settle down to some warming food, and perhaps another glass of wine. We’re human, and mañana is normal, but we shouldn’t allow this time of year to bulldoze all of the good work we’ve already put in.

It’s so demoralising to work hard for 5 or 6 months only to see what’s been achieved slip away. Also, with party season approaching, it’s always good to have some of the energy and ‘Va-Va-Voom’ that outdoor exercise brings in the bank ready to see you through to the start of the New Year.

A long time ago I used to run cross country for my school, and when the weather was at its worst I still remember looking at my Mum hoping for a ‘get out of jail free card’. I grew up in rural Yorkshire where the winters were hard, but the folk were harder, so I think the best I got was “you won’t rust love”. I was reminded of her words as I went out into the gale force wind and rain earlier this week; the weather was wilder than Oliver Reed at a 1970’s drinks party, but after 30 minutes I felt invigorated, my skin looked renewed and I had a smile on my face…….’Va-Va-Voom’ well and truly banked ☺

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