How Do You Exercise?

Too Much Information?

How you decide to exercise depends a lot on your personality.

For some people it’s as simple as putting on the trainers they already have, and heading out without much thought about what they should/could be doing, or how much. And why not because actually making a start is a very positive move. But it can backfire, particularly if you’re a bit too enthusiastic and push it too far too soon causing an injury which will compromise your progress, and potentially damage confidence.  

Other people need to take time to think it through and read articles, websites and talk to friends hoping that they come across the perfect workout before they start an exercise programme. And, here again, why not because this approach will arm you with some useful information which is a good starting point. But the downside may be that you may spend so much time researching that you never actually get around to starting. 

As with most things in life there’s a middle ground between putting some thought into how you want to exercise and then actually doing it.

The other problem is the sheer volume of both on and offline information available, and sorting the wheat from the chaff can be difficult because, as with any subject, there is some absolute nonsense out there. Also, neither the internet nor books can provide a tailored exercise prescription which will be right for everyone.

If you find yourself getting confused and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information about how to exercise and it’s thwarting your attempt to get going, or you’ve made a start on your own and are hoping it will work out, the best advice I can give is to remember a couple of really important truths:

  • There really is no ‘right’ way to exercise and lose weight. There are a lot of people promising to hold the secret, but in reality we’re all different and need different amounts and types of exercise.
  • Identify what you enjoy, or don’t enjoy doing, then arm yourself with some information about the basics, and you can start to put together an exercise plan around what works for you. You may have to try several things before you find your perfect match, but it can be fun exploring.


Alternatively, speak to a Personal Trainer, like me, and I’ll do all of the thinking for you :-)

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