Personal Training

Personal Training – Inspiration to Achieve

Most people would benefit from a Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach, particularly on a one to one basis where you have the undivided attention of the coach, and every session is tailored to your individual abilities, goals and interests.

But what about other ways to exercise? 

You could join a gym, and you’ll usually receive an induction session with one of the fitness professionals, either a Personal Trainer (PT), or a Gym Instructor, during which you should be shown around, and given a basic familiarisation of the machines, and weights.

You can go it alone, and invest in some fitness equipment to use at home, and then either research on the internet or read fitness magazines to get an idea of what you should be doing. Alternatively, you could walk/run regularly with your dog, or a friend.

You could also try one of the group classes held in local village halls, or outdoor Boot Camps.

These ideas are only a snapshot, and offerings will vary according to where you live as well as the amenities you have access to.

So, given that there are many ways to exercise, is Personal Training obsolete? No, not at all, Personal Trainers are specialists, and play an invaluable role in our health and fitness – as with all one to one activities, you just need to make sure you pick the right one for you. You’ll need someone who has the necessary skills, experience and expertise to help you to get to be where you want/need to be; someone who is genuinely interested in you and what you want to achieve; someone you feel you could trust and someone you like.

In February I detailed what I believe a Personal Trainer should be in my Blog it’s something I’m passionate about not least because, in my past life, I trained with someone whose interest in what I was trying to achieve was vague. They were both judgemental and dismissive of my lifestyle at that time, without taking the time to understand it, and their indifference didn’t motivate me to achieve.  

But caring about people, being interested and wanting the best for them are only some of the elements  that go to into making a good Personal Trainer. It’s also essential to have an understanding of human nature and the ability to empathise. A Personal Trainer must be able to interpret both verbal and non-verbal communication in order to maximise the outcome for their client.

And, crucially, a Trainer must be able to apply the knowledge gained from extensive training to intelligently structure sessions which will ensure the best possible results for clients.

Every profession has its fair share of people who really care and are passionate about what they do, but there will always be those whose motivations lie elsewhere. In my case, since training with the Personal Trainer I mentioned above, I went on to find another who cared a great deal, and whose skills and expertise helped me to not only achieve, but also exceed my fitness goals.

So, the answer to the question of whether to employ a Personal Trainer or not, both from my own personal experience, as well as my professional practice in the last 5 years…….is a resounding Yes!


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