'Tis the season to be jolly

Make this time of the year jolly – just don’t lose your fitness MoJo

It’s definitely the season to be jolly…….Christmas Parties, dinners, lunches, people coming to stay………a heavier than usual social diary means there’s less time to devote to exercise.

It’s nice to cut loose a little bit at holiday times, and not feel quite so constrained by the routines of our everyday lives. But, eating and drinking more than usual for a couple of weeks can leave us feeling lethargic and bloated, as well as probably a few pounds heavier. So, if possible, it’s good to maintain some sort of ‘holding pattern’ for exercising over the Festive period, which will enable you to pick it straight back up again in the New Year.

Short duration workouts which use the largest muscle groups in the body are great for maintaining fitness, and can be done pretty much anywhere with minimal, or no, equipment. I write 15 minute programmes for my busy clients to do on their own, and they’re super effective. These short workouts are also a good excuse for some ‘me time’, and a break from the stress and tension of all that goes with the festive season.

It is, indeed, the season to be jolly, but don’t let it derail or sabotage what you’ve set out to do, and worked so hard to build in 2016.

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