The Time is Now

The Time really is Now

‘The Time is Now’……it’s the tag line for my business, and a call to action.

It was a call to action for me over 5 years ago when I made the decision to change my life, effectively go back to school, and gain the necessary qualifications to be a Personal Trainer. It was a big life change, something I needed to research and think very seriously about to make the right decision.

I’d been very fit as a child, but discovered smoking during higher education, and I liked it very much, so found giving it up ridiculously hard – it inevitably took a toll on my fitness. I can honestly say that I don’t know whether I would ever have been able to stop were it not for a particularly bad chest infection during the winter of 2009. There was no epiphany moment to giving up; all I can say is that I looked at the packet of cigarettes with my lighter on top and thought ‘not today’. Those same cigarettes and the lighter still sit on a shelf in my kitchen cupboard to this day; I don’t really know why, although I sometimes wonder whether the ‘spell’ will be broken if I throw them away, and I’ll be a smoker again.

As soon as I’d stopped smoking, I started to regain my fitness, lose weight and feel the benefits of being active again. I ran my first Half Marathon, the longest distance I’d run for over 20 years, and it felt great! Being able to work on my own fitness at that time sowed the seed of interest in helping others to do the same. So, 2 years later, after realising that the time really is now, I picked a company with a top-notch reputation for delivering fitness industry training, and got stuck into learning.  

I’d never wanted to be a trainer in a large corporate gym; I always wanted the freedom to train my clients my way. But I, initially, based my practice in a hotel gym. This had limitations though, and so I invested in equipment, and started to take the gym to my clients. They love it because I come to them, saving time, as well as a gym membership; they are relaxed and comfortable, and we have the flexibility to train when and where it’s convenient.  

As I said at the beginning of this piece, ‘The Time is Now’ is the tag line for my business, but it’s also my philosophy and something I apply to my life. It always sounds trite when people say that life is short, but it really is and, as I’ve mentioned in other blogs, it’s not just about the length of a life, but its quality. I’m proud that my business helps to deliver quality of life solutions through exercise, diet, and lifestyle coaching, and pleased that my clients, and me, are proof that it works :-)


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