Stop Yo-Yo Exercising

Stop Yo-Yo Exercising

Yo-Yo exercising can have a negative effect on both body and mind.

Most of us would probably like to lose a bit of weight, and when we embark on that goal, we look for results on the scales as well as how our body looks.

The problem is that the amount of exercise we need to do to lose weight can sometimes be more than we’re able to do, and it’s one of the reasons many of us become yo-yo exercisers.

So we make a start, and do well for a while, but then perhaps don’t see the results we want, and quit – it’s disheartening.

I advocate a different approach. Think long-term, take the pressure off, and focus on the behaviours you need to lose weight, rather than the weight loss itself. Start slowly and, instead of looking at the numbers on the scales every day, focus on establishing a solid workout schedule, building strength and endurance, and improving your overall health. 

Be prepared to accept that, in starting slowly, the scales may not change from one workout to the next, but your health will have changed enormously. Just five minutes of outdoor exercise can boost your mood and self-esteem, and 10 minutes can lower your blood pressure for hours and reduce your risk of a heart attack.

Starting slowly allows you to ease into exercise, and means that you’ll avoid the potential for injury and burnout that can result from doing too much too soon.

If you’re going it alone, pick an activity, or range of activities, that you enjoy. If it’s in a class environment, always ensure that you work at your pace and don’t try to keep up with more ‘seasoned campaigners’. Listen to your body, don’t forget to stretch, and factor rest days into your weekly schedule. Rest days don’t mean flopping on the couch for a day long Netflix binge-fest – go out for a walk; anything rather than cycling, running, rowing or whatever your usual exercise schedule entails.

If you opt for one to one Personal Training sessions then, no matter where you are in your journey towards fitness and health, everything will be tailored to you – it’s the equivalent of a Savile Row suit for your health and fitness. Your interests, abilities and goals will be factored into each session. Every session will be different, with incremental changes, and will include challenges and goals so that you can see and feel progression. You will achieve far beyond your expectations and, long after the workout is finished, be able to bask in the glow of what your body can do.  

Make 2017 the year you kick the yo-yo exercising habit, and make your choice of exercise, whatever it may be, a permanent feature in the enrichment of your life.


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