New Year Goals

New Year….. New Goals

‘New Year, New You’, a ‘fresh start’, ‘clean slate’ – there are so many well-worn clichés at this time of the year. But it really is a good time to make a new start, and when we metaphorically closed the book of 2015 at midnight last Thursday, and opened the new one for 2016 on Friday it didn’t just signify the start of a new day. In the book of 2016 all of the pages are blank, and when I flick through them they always seem to hold so much potential for new possibilities.

The start of a New Year is also a prime time for making resolutions, particularly ones that will help us to lead happier and healthier lives; and resolutions have even more clout when they positively affirm our goals. You can see more about the power and importance of goals in “The Right Stuff Part 2”. (

So here goes 2016…….set a goal, dream big, believe you can achieve it, and take a step every day, no matter how small, towards making it happen.  

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