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An Exercise Plan for Weight Loss is very Doable.

In this final short article in the ‘how much exercise do you really need to lose weight?’ series, I bring it all together.

Setting up a Daily Exercise Plan for Weight Loss

So, we’ve looked at the amount of time, the number of days in a week and finally the volume of exercise needed to lose weight. I also reiterated that weight loss will be more sustainable, and potentially quicker, if you combine your exercise with a sensible nutritional plan.

If all of this seems like a mountain to climb – daunting, onerous, and possibly unattainable, I can assure you that it’s not. I guess you think that a fitness professional would say that, but a workout plan really doesn’t need to be perfect to be effective; when you know the basics, and factor in your starting fitness level, it’s very doable.

If you’re not sure where to begin, think about what you enjoy, and your end goal. Do you prefer to exercise alone, or with a group? And finally, if you want to ensure that the time you spend working out is time that really helps you to lose weight in a sensible, sustainable way with a tailored programme just for you, then enlist the help of a Personal Trainer.


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