That’s a phrase my clients are used to hearing, and its meaning is always the same – that the particular movement/activity or group of movements and activities, is a super-efficient and effective way of achieving what we’ve set out to do.

It’s also a phrase that encapsulates a way of training that I love because it works no matter what your fitness level; it’s great fun to do, always varied and the bonus is that you can really bask in your achievements, and see improvements, during every session – “win-win”.

There’s no need for a stuffy gym; another indoor space will work equally well, or the great outdoors provides a great back drop, as well as fresh air which is a much needed antidote to hours spent in the office, commuting or travelling for business.

Your heart rate will be elevated and constantly undulating for maximum ‘burn’; you’ll have fun; learn new skills; be stronger, leaner, more balanced, agile and flexible.

“Spoiler Alert”…..Expect to feel Uplifted, Invigorated and Energised.

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