If you keep doing what you've always done

Make a change for the road ahead

Making the decision to change your lifestyle, be more healthy, get fit, and get lean sounds easy doesn’t it?….. It is, and it will definitely be worth it, but you’ll need to play the long game. And, as with any long game, it will take commitment, consistency and also time to see results – it’s a fact of life, there are no shortcuts to any sort of lasting changes.

Making changes to see changes

If we want to change our bodies as well as how we feel then we have to change what we do every day. But setting off at a gallop with draconian diets, and punishing exercise regimes can be, at best, completely counterproductive and, at worst, positively dangerous to health before you’ve even really got started.

Using the analogy of making any sort of career change, then we know that the most effective actions we need to take to achieve the goal must be planned, phased, and appropriate. Our actions are based on an acceptance of where we are now, and an understanding of where we want to be. The same mind-set and methodology needs to be applied to making the changes necessary for a fitter and healthier you.

As with a career change, changing your lifestyle involves a positive mind-set, not negative self-judgement and constant criticism of how you look and feel now. It’s a process of accepting and recognising a starting point, knowing what you have to do to change, and implementing the changes gradually. By embracing the process, scheduling in time for exercise, understanding your diet, and being mindful of what you eat, it will be very effective, fun and surprisingly enjoyable.

Patience is a virtue

But there may come a time when it all feels like a hard slog, and it doesn’t seem as though you’re making much progress and yet, bizarrely, this can be the time when some really important changes are happening internally. Your commitment and consistency will be rewarded, but if you do feel like giving up, be patient and remember why you started.

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