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Be Capable, Confident and Free!


In Part 3 of Healthy Movement Matters, I ask ‘How Can we move Better?’ and ‘What would our lives be like if we did?’

What to do next:

  • Pay Attention to what it feels like to move.

When you walk or run, how long is your stride? Do your legs swing freely? Do your hips feel tight or loose? Do your arms swing freely?

When you stand, how does your weight shift? What does it feel like in your legs, feet, back?

When you sit, where is your head? Can you feel the pressure of the seat in your back or bottom?

When you work out, can you feel your muscles working? What happens if you try to do a fast movement like a jump or kick?

  • Do you think you’re moving as well as you could?

Do you feel confident and capable?

Do you have some physical limitations? Do you have ways of adapting to them?

When was the last time you tried learning new movement skills?

Which ones would make your life easier?

  • Think about other ways to move.

You may be working out in a certain way because you think you ‘should’, but it may not be fitting your body well.

Or, your current workout may be going well, but you’re curious about other possibilities – consider expanding your movement repertoire.

Remember, you don’t have to ‘workout’, or ‘exercise’ to move, and you don’t need to revamp your physical activity overnight.   

  • Help your body to do its job with good nutrition.

Quality movement requires quality nutrition and, like your movements, your nutritional needs are unique to you, so:

  • Balance your diet to ensure there are no nutrient deficiencies.
  • Calibrate your calorie intake with easy, effective portion control and appetite awareness.
  • Tailor your diet to special circumstances e.g. pregnancy or injury.

If you need help, get it. A Fitness and Nutrition coach will:

  • Help you to find activities that suit your body.
  • Review your nutrition and offer advice about improving your diet (even if your life is hectic).

As I said in Part 1, healthy movement matters; it’s not about getting the perfect gym body; it’s about being capable, confident, and free.



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