Have you got time?

Have you got time?

I heard a blast from the past this week ….. “Time (Clock of the Heart)” by Culture Club, and one of the lyrics has always resonated because it’s so true in so many ways….. “the time is precious I know”.

It reminded me that time is one of our most precious commodities; how we use it; our perception of it; what value we get from it. I value it so much that I named my business in honour of it.

Give yourself the gift of time out; time for just for yourself; time to disengage so that you can re-engage with more focus, passion and effectiveness. Allow time away from the pressures of work to stop, rest and recover. Schedule time to exercise, and do it regularly for the good of your body and mind.

In today’s hectic and pressurised world give some of your time to do whatever fuels your strength. Don’t take time for granted, spend it productively and your life will be enhanced by it.

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