Get Your Body Ready for Spring

Get Your Body Ready for Spring

Time passes so quickly, and the change of seasons can take us by surprise. Winter seems to last forever, but here we are in Spring at last – the days are getting longer and there is warmth in the beautiful sunshine. It’s now that we start to think about our summer wardrobe, and wonder if everything will still fit.

I’m all about making long term, sustainable changes, not quick fixes but if some of your best intentions have lapsed over the winter, it’s still possible to get back into your workout groove in time to make the most of the warmer weather ahead.

Here are some ideas:

Get Your Mind Ready

The most important step for getting back into a routine after some time off is to get your mind in the right place.

We can get so excited about trying to fit back into our Summer clothes that we do too much too soon to make up for lost time. As you know from some of my earlier articles, that’s usually a one-way street to soreness, and even long term injury – completely counterproductive.

Ease Back into Exercise to Avoid Injury – Impatient as we are, it’s so demoralising to be hobbling around in pain. Take it easy for the first couple of weeks to avoid that.

Get your Mind Ready – The mind can be our worst enemy when it comes to working out.  You may be focused on getting in shape for Spring and Summer, but are you ready to commit to a consistent workout programme?

Make a Lifestyle Change – Starting a Spring exercise programme can sometimes be more out of desperation. But, as I’ve written in other articles, permanent change comes from making small changes every day, rather than changing everything overnight.

So, take some time, think about your motivation and ease back into exercise rather than bingeing on extreme workouts which you hope will be a short cut to weight loss and fitness.

Get Your Gear Ready  

In terms of equipment, if you have a home gym already set up, then you’ll pretty much be good to go. If you’re completely new to exercise then it would be worth speaking to a fitness expert to get an idea of some key pieces that would meet your needs, rather than spending a lot of money on what’s in fashion at the time.

It’s also important to know what you’ll need to wear for your exercise, and that will vary according to the types of workouts you choose. Here again, don’t simply choose what’s in fashion and looks good, your kit needs to be fit for purpose and comfortable.

Get Back into your Strength Workouts

You already know that strength training is important for shaping your body, losing weight and getting your body strong for all those fun spring activities ahead. Now is a great time to start, or ramp up, your strength training workouts.

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