Don't Let The Past Hold You Back

‘The Time is Now’

My focus is always in the present and the future, not the past. I echo that in the tag line for my business – ‘The Time is Now’. The past is not something we can change, and I prefer to concentrate on what I can control in the here and now. Looking back can be very positive, but sometimes we can use the past as a way to punish ourselves in the present.

For example, we may look back and remember how fit we used to be, and how young we looked; we all looked and felt different in our youth, and we may have been significantly fitter. But we should accept and fully embrace that no matter what we do, there is no way to go back in time, so it’s important to focus on being the best you can be now.

I can honestly say that I have no desire to go back in time, no matter how fit I used to be – every now and then I like to look back and remember, but am happy to leave it there. I may need to put more effort into achieving my fitness goals now than I did then, but I also recognise that what I set out to do would be challenging for someone of any age. I don’t see age as a barrier to any form of significant physical achievement, and I’m also glad that my profession means that I have the necessary understanding of how my body works to achieve what I’ve set out to do.

Age is only a number and a positive attitude is far more important. I accept that I’m not the person I used to be, but that’s not a bad thing because, on so many levels, I’m a vastly improved version of who I was – although I’m still, and always will be, a work in progress :-)

The moral of my story is to remember the past, and if it makes you smile then so much the better, but don’t linger there to the detriment of what you’re trying to achieve now. We’re all composites of our experiences both good and bad, so use them to fuel your goals, hopes and dreams in the present.

The Time really is Now.

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