My Ctrl-Alt-Del

My Ctrl-Alt-Del is running here in Oxfordshire

Ctrl-alt-del can be a real life saver. My pesky computer slows down or freezes; I can’t access all of the programmes I need simultaneously; I’m busy and in a hurry, there’s nothing else to do but to hit those 3 buttons and, as if by magic, all is well in my digital world. Order has replaced what had seemed to be chaos, and I’m once again able to ‘zip around’ toggling (if that’s even a word) to my heart’s content between all of my programmes and documents……nice :-)

If you’re computer savvy you’ll be reading this with a wry smile thinking that there’s a much easier way of sorting it out. For me, it’s either that, or throw my laptop out of the window – so, on the whole, ctrl-alt-del is a far more reasonable approach I think.

Anyway, enough about computers; my latest need for the ctrl-alt-del buttons made me think that that’s what training, in my case running, does for my mind. When my brain feels cluttered, when there are so many priorities that I lose the ability to prioritise, and when 24 hours doesn’t seem nearly long enough to do everything I have to do. My analogy is that it’s like looking at a school blackboard filled with Einstein’s theory of relativity – almost completely indecipherable. That’s when inertia sets in and I cease to be productive in any meaningful sense, so I lace up my running shoes and head out into the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside where I live. By the time I get back, the blackboard has been metaphorically wiped clean and, as with my laptop, order has been restored and everything seems easier and achievable.

But what has really changed since my run? And surely, by taking time out from my ‘busyness’, I’m in even more of a pickle when I get back? The answer is that nothing has materially changed except that my thoughts are ordered and I have a positive perspective. Ctrl-alt-del, in my case running, has done its work, equilibrium is restored and I feel so much better!! I know I sound like an advert for Fairy liquid, but seriously, try it for yourself – it won’t do the dishes, but taking time out to exercise will definitely soothe your mind!  


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