Covid - 19

Covid – 19 – A 21st Century world changing virus 

Our world has changed dramatically in a very short time. Our ‘normal’ lives have been put on hold, and words like unprecedented, challenging, crisis and lockdown, to name but a few, have become part of our everyday language. Social distancing is both a mantra and a new way of living.

Whether you live alone or have isolated with your family, extended periods of time in lockdown will put pressure on our wellbeing. In our new reality, we are bombarded with information about death rates, and profound human suffering in all of its forms. It is sobering and frightening, and a light has also been shone into some of the dark corners of every day suffering which had largely gone un reported in ‘normal’ times.

The Covid – 19 virus has highlighted the true extent of human frailty, as if we needed reminding. It has been a leveller and shown that no matter who you are, or where you are it has the power to cause significant harm and kill – age, gender, rich, poor, the colour of your skin or the God you pray to has no bearing whatsoever in who will live or die.

At times like this, we see the best of humanity, and the kindness and generosity of human spirit has been widely highlighted; that gives such hope for the future. But the dark side of human nature is sickening and has also been exposed for all to see – selfishness, greed and those who have profited from the misery, frailty, and fear of others.

When we are able to return to ‘normal’, albeit perhaps a new normal, we will celebrate and thank everyone who has been on the front line, some of whom have put their lives at risk to help others. But there will also be a reckoning, and we will shame those who showed no empathy, thought only of themselves, and those who exploited people during some of the darkest times this country has known.

After nearly 3 weeks we are now starting to question what will come next, and when there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. As I write this we have been given no indication.

For me, the Covid – 19 lockdown has enabled reflection. It has been a time for thinking about both what, and who, is in my life, and realising what is really important. At the end of our Covid-19 lockdown the nation’s realisation should be that it doesn’t matter how much money you have, what car you drive or the square footage of your home – without good health and the freedom to enjoy it, all of the money and possessions in the world are nothing more than meaningless chattels.

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