Believe in yourself and you will Achieve

Self Belief is key to Achievement

Is it really true that if you believe in yourself, you can achieve? In some ways it sounds like a trite sound bite doesn’t it? For starters, how do you believe, and also is it really possible for everyone to achieve absolutely everything they want to? I think it probably depends on what you want to achieve, but you’ll certainly give yourself the best possible chance of success by ensuring that your goal is realistic for you.

One of my goals is to climb Kilimanjaro and, from a fitness perspective, it seems realistic. But other factors would be involved in achieving that goal, some of which are completely out of my control; For example no one can know how their body will cope with altitude. Another goal is to improve my Half Marathon time, and that seems very realistic because it’s completely within my control to train at the necessary level to succeed.

Even with a realistic goal, other factors can affect our fitness mojo such as exercising outdoors when it’s pouring with rain, and cold. So, even though you’ve been able to get yourself out of the house and are doing your best to get on with your training, you may just not quite be ‘feeling it’. The session then seems so hard and even demoralising to the point where you may start to question being able to achieve what you’ve set out to do.

Our fitness goals may sometimes seem unattainable, and yet one thing holds true – our bodies are always stronger than we think they are. But our minds are equally powerful, and so we must conquer any limitations placed on us by what our minds believe we can or can’t do; we must overcome obstacles, really believe in our abilities and go on to savour that most wonderfully visceral feeling of achievement.

Sometimes all it takes is one small ray of hope, and a smidgeon of confidence to jolt us out of a spiral of self-doubt, and then we’re free to move onwards and upwards towards success. As a Personal Trainer, I challenge my clients to succeed in their goals and, as one of their biggest supporters and advocates, I also instill belief in their abilities so that they can visualise what is possible to achieve :-)   

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