Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s Christmas!

It’s nearly Christmas 😊 The Advent calendar with chocolates behind the doors is nearly empty ☹ and Santa is on his way!

The Christmas trees and lights look beautiful; we’re busy planning and preparing for guests, and braving the supermarket ‘jungle’ to gather festive provisions. One of my super organised friends has been cooking, baking and freezing meals to help take the pressure off over the Christmas week – very impressive indeed!

It’s an all-round fun time of year, with a side order of stress, and its significance and meaning will be different for all of us. For children, it’s exciting and Santa is on his way with lots of treats and goodies. For many, Christmas means spending quality time with friends and family and, for some, it’s the most desperately lonely time of year.

For me, as we approach the end of December, it’s also a time for reflection and I look back on the year as a whole. I review the programmes for each of my clients, and we rejoice together in their successes and progress. For some, this year has been truly ground breaking and life changing! I am so proud of every one of my clients for following through on their ambitions and goals, and to have played a part in their success has, for me, been inspirational in the truest sense of the word. My clients who, like me, are just ordinary folk, not elite athletes, have set out to make lasting changes, both great and small, to their lives, and through their determination, commitment and tenacity have succeeded.

As a small business, my plans for the new year are formulated, and I very much look forward to implementing them. But, as we come to the end of a year, I’m also reminded that the key to a happy, healthy and successful life isn’t always about the ‘big stuff’; it’s about the small changes we make consistently, which sometimes don’t feel like they amount to a hill of beans – but then, as they add up, the amazing, life changing ‘big stuff’ really starts to happen 😊

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to one and all!


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