……Crikey, where do I start?!

Christmas can provide the perfect opportunity to ask for a present which will help us with our health goals and resolutions for the coming New Year. Perhaps something like a fitness tracking gadget or gizmo which captures and stores real time, date stamped, bona fide, tangible evidence of the workout we’ve just done. I know I’m a fitness geek, but it really can add a bit of a frisson to be able to accurately compare and contrast what we’re able to do now with a time in the past, particularly when training for an event.

If, like me, you have a forensic mind, then hard evidence is the life blood for gauging performance and progression. But I’m also living proof that there’s a fine line between using the statistics for a positive, feel good boost to health and fitness goals, and coming over all Sherlock Holmes by finding a stick to beat myself with when I come up short. I’ve had to go ‘cold turkey’ on the fitness tracker front before just to get back to simply feeling the love for putting one foot in front of the other and running for pleasure, rather than the split times and distance.

There’s an absolute smorgasbord of different fitness tracking gadgets on the market, some are more useful and user friendly than others in my humble opinion, and prices can vary considerably. So my advice would be to invest some time (it will be well spent) into researching the fitness trackers to help you with what you’re trying to achieve. The ones that are most expensive or most hyped, I’ve lost count of how many Fitbit ads I’ve seen, aren’t necessarily going to be the one best ones for you.

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